Rasmus Krogh

I have worked 10 years as an OnShore- and OffShore Hydrographic Surveyor for the Danish Government (Royal Navy) and The Danish Hydrographic Office making official ENCs.

Further I have for additional 2½ years sold Maritime Equipment including approved Hydrographic Survey systems.

Finally, I have for 4 years worked as a Hydrographic Surveyor for Flex-Survey.com

  • 1999: Master Mariner Merchant Marine – SIMAC
  • 2005: Officer of the Line – Naval Academy
  • 2008: B. Sc. (Hons) Bathymetry – University of Plymouth (IHO surveyor)
  • 2011: Lieutenant Commander
  • 2014: Commander (temp.)
  • 2015: Key Account Manager; FURUNO; sub-surface
  • 2017: Start up of Flex-Survey.com
  • 2020: Distributor of Picotech products

My aim with Flex-Survey is to make a fast working and flexible Hydrographic Surveying company.
I have expirence in all the equipment we use and I pick them myself with the purpose to be flexible.
So the equipment is easy at hand and I know it by heart.

We go by car to you with multibeam, RTK, software, flex-pole for installation and make the survey extremely swift.
We also do multibeam, RTK, software, flex-pole – so you supply the vessel.

Hydrographic Surveying – Made Flexible.


The Flexible Team:

Flex-Survey consists of a number of specialists. Currently we on/off have 4 IHO certified Cat A & Cat B surveyers, besides the required number of technicians and engineers.

This setup makes Flex-Survey able to meet most tasks at any time with Surveyors and Technicians.

The Flexible Team is only available for larger project for minimum several months of endurance.